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The objective of the French Conservatory of Music is to transmit the love and understanding of music through the study of classical and/or jazz music. The Conservatory

As a direct descendant of the "Conservatoire International de Musique de Paris" established by Maurice Ravel in 1925, the French Conservatory of Music aims to bring 90 years of heritage and experience in music education to the Los Angeles area, allowing students to have access, not only to a rigorous and professional musical training but to a (musical) way of life.


The teaching methodology remains similar to the one taught in France, emphasizing on the acquisition of skills and techniques necessary to reach full freedom of (artistic) expression. It is with a highly trained and experienced educational team actively involved in the artistic life, that students of all ages and levels, will develop their musical skills through a large selection of courses including instrumental studies, theory classes and music production programs.


In order to provide the highest level of education and adapt to the pace and needs of each student, the French Conservatory is offering personalized one-on-one classes for all its courses.


Naturally, a proper music education is first and foremost about listening, sharing and communicating with others. Every student will have access to chamber music classes and/or choir sessions early on.

Professional focus

Our main goal, is to provide the best structure and training for aspiring musicians to prepare for university and superior schools auditions, international competitions and musical careers.

Personal development is an essential part of musical studies. Through this high level curriculum one of the objectives of the Conservatory is to contribute to the development of an important set of general skills such as focus, linear and non-linear thinking, memory enhancement, creativity, self-discipline, listening, communication and team work.


Those skills will benefit students throughout their lives and contribute to better performances in other disciplines such as mathematics, language and science.

Personal development

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Call us at +1 310 734 7881
or fill out the contact form The French Conservatory of Music is located in Beverly Hills on little Santa Monica Blvd by the Golden triangle on Wilshire and Santa Monica Blvd 9887 S. Santa Monica Blvd Beverly Hills, Ca 90212 Valet Parking is available next to the Starbucks at the intersection between Wilshire and S. Santa Monica Blvd

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